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Configuring Notification Scheme with Custom Workflow in JIRA

Posted by zeemalik on October 25, 2013

If you are using a customized workflow in JIRA then you might need to send notifications to related people or group of people based on different transitions in your workflow. This can be done very easily by creating custom events, using those events in post-functions of each transition in the workflow and setting up the notification scheme to send notification on those events. JIRA basically works on events and listeners model. We need to use that effectively as below:

1. Create custom events by going to: Image > System > Advanced – Events. You should create as many events as you have the transitions in your workflow. For example if you have a transition “Resolved” in your work flow then create an event “Resolved” for this and similarly for other transitions. Once the events have been created you need to use them in postfucntions of transitions in your workflow and also in notification scheme.

2. Go to “Post Functions” of each of the transition in your customized workflow. There will be a post function called “Fire a Generic Event event that can be processed by the listeners.”. Edit it and set the event in drop down same as the name of the transition. Example: if you are editing the post function of “Assigned” transition then you need to set the event “Assigned” in drop down and respectively for all other transitions in the workflow. Once done with all the transitions, publish the workflow.

3.  Go to Image > System > Notification Schemes and select the notification scheme you will be using for those projects having your customized workflow. Now in that notification scheme you need to set notifications (Roles, Groups or individual users emails) for each of the events created in step 1. 

Once you have performed above three steps and you are using the notification scheme with your projects (using your customized workflow) then you are all set. When ever a transition will occur in your workflow the email notification will be sent to assigned users in step 3.

I hope this will help you in configuring the correct notification scheme with your customized workflow in JIRA.


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